Carmel & Pebble Beach Market Comments ~ Week of 3/31- 4/6

Carmel Real Estate

4 closed transactions in Carmel last week; there was a sale at Monte Verde 2 NE 13th for an over-sized cottage, slightly dated but a nice design and floor plan for $1.975M, another over-sized dated sale at Carmelo 4 SW of Ocean with a pool for $1.8M with a quirky floor plan, a sale at San Carlos 2 NW 9th (very busy street) for a much older, single walled construction cottage of standard size for $1.3M and a cute, slightly undersized “Quintessential Carmel Cottage” at Torres 4 SW 10th for $1.15M.

A bit of an increase in Carmel real estate new sale activity last week; there was a sale at 26276 Camino Real for a newer large, 4 bedroom custom home on the backside of Carmel Point from an asking price of $3.298M, a new construction, standard 1600 sq ft very custom cottage with views facing Carmel Valley of Fish Ranch over the old Odello artichoke fields sold almost right away from an asking of $2.695M,  a 90’s build Carmel cottage with a bit of old world charm and some great bay views sold at San Carlos 4 NW of 1st in the RLS lower school neighborhood from an asking of $1.845M, an over-sized Carmel Woods mid-century home with a sophisticated touch sold from an asking of $1.075M and a very small, older cottage at 24816 Santa Rita in the Northeast area sold from an asking of $680K.

Pebble Beach Real Estate

No closings in Pebble Beach, but we did have 3 new pending sales; a sale at 1032 San Carlos Road for a large, dated home overlooking the 2nd hole of the MPCC shore course from an asking of $1.495M, a sale at 4079 Los Altos Drive for a large, wooden home with guest house and no view from an asking of $1.2M and a sale at 1107 Mariners Way  from an asking of $995K for an eclectic but remodeled home near the PG gate.

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