Back To Life & Real Estate On The Central Coast ~ Week of 2/10 – 2/16

While most of us revel in the golfing culture and tournament festivities on the Peninsula, I think I speak for the majority when I say we were happy to get back to life as usual last week. After an intense drought, we were fortunate to have some on and off showers – not quite enough, but enough to keep us in the game. Luckily, last week the city council of Marina voted 3-1 (who the heck votes against MORE water for the county??!) to approve the water sampling necessary to move forward (extremely slowly! Ugh) on the next phase of the proposed desalinization plant. Construction of this facility could mean a lifting of the moratorium on new water hookups, additional water credits for existing homes and lower Cal-Am water costs- something I know we’re all wishing for.

Moving on to Carmel real estate, last week Carmel proper saw 3 closed transactions, all of which happened to be in the city of Carmel-by-the-Sea. There was a closing in prime Carmel on 12th & Carmelo for $2.395M, and 2 others in the Carmel Woods East and West areas. 4 new sales, my favorite of which was a new sale on River Park Place between Carmel River School and the Carmel Point area for a finished, Carmel Cottage style home at an asking of $2.15M- sold right away.

Pebble Beach real estate enjoyed a little more action this week with 6 closed transactions. Most of the action was in the Country Club area of MPCC, with the exception of a big bomber on Spruance Road on the estate side of Pebble, which sold for $2.5M with no view. Pebble slowed in activity last week with 2 new sales; a view home on Padre Lane from an asking of $3.975M and an older estate home on Riata from an asking of $2.595M.

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Local Events

2/21/2014      “Be My Loco Coco” Monthly Pop Up food and music event. This one is never to miss~ Purchase tickets at

2/21/2014   Monterey Symphony presents “Innovation”
2/22/2014   Monterey Symphony presents “Innovation”
2/23/2014   Monterey Symphony presents “Innovation”


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